Holding a Masters of Engineering from the National School of Applied Sciences and Technology and a PhD in Physics, Kevin Lengle worked as a researcher at the CNRS (French National Research Center) and at a telecom equipment manufacturer. Product Line Manager within the Cailabs company since 2015, he brings his expertise in optics and telecommunications to the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions to fully exploit the potential of multimode optical fibers.

Tim Oldershaw Technical Director of J. Brand ltd

Member of the ECA ICCT Committee

Chairman of the BSI Committee responsible for Installation practises in the UK

Member of the European Committee responsible for Installation practises in the EU

Tim Oldershaw started work in 1977 as an Electrician and has been responsible for the design and installation of many multi million pound network installations.

From University Data Centres to European wide retail networks, Tim has always been at the leading edge of technology.

His involvement with these Standards bodies has enabled J. Brand to advise their customers not only based on current standards but also emerging standards. From the early days of wireless networks to new power over data cable systems of tomorrow, Tim has for a long time been respected as a trusted advisor in the development of new technologies.


Barry Shambrook has been involved in the data center industry for over 25 years and holds both the BICSI RCDD credential and the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.

Originally a HVAC engineer, Barry has worked on prestigious projects for contractors and consultants including hospitals, hotels, high-rise offices and data centers.

From the mid-1980s he took a wider role in design and project management of all MEP systems for Tucker Associates – which later became Tuckers Consultancy.

In 1998 Barry was appointed a director of Tuckers Consultancy Ltd and took over as managing director and owner in 2000.

Having taken a keen interest in the integration of IT with other facilities technology in buildings, and presenting on this subject to the annual conferences of BICSi Europe and BIFM, he is now principle of the Data Center and Information Transport System divison – TCL Data.

Barry’s ideas have been applied to practical designs on data centers and other recent high specification projects such as airports and football stadia, where he has been the design team leader for the facilities technology – which includes power supplies, environmental control, information transport, safety and security systems.

He was recently appointed as chair of the BICSi UK steering committee with a mandate to expand the membership base and promote IP integration.

Barry has been an instructor for DCProfessional Development since 2010 and has provided input to the Data Center Design Awareness, Energy Efficiency and Data Center Cooling Professional course materials and exercises.

Mike is an acknowledged expert in telecommunications infrastructure design and installation. In addition Mike is responsible for international, European and British standards activity dealing with data centres.

For Europe, Mike is Chairman of CENELEC TC215. TC215 WG3 has produced the [BS] EN 50600 series of standards focussed on data centre facility and infrastructure design and operation. Since 2008, Mike has managed three separate ETSI Special Task Forces to develop standards for data centre energy management KPIs. All of this work is now reflected within ISO/IEC.

Not surprisingly, Mike is active in the European Standards Organisations co-ordination group on Green Data Centres which links the work of ETSI, CENELEC and international activity.