Tim Oldershaw


Tim Oldershaw Technical Director of J. Brand ltd

Member of the ECA ICCT Committee

Chairman of the BSI Committee responsible for Installation practises in the UK

Member of the European Committee responsible for Installation practises in the EU

Tim Oldershaw started work in 1977 as an Electrician and has been responsible for the design and installation of many multi million pound network installations.

From University Data Centres to European wide retail networks, Tim has always been at the leading edge of technology.

His involvement with these Standards bodies has enabled J. Brand to advise their customers not only based on current standards but also emerging standards. From the early days of wireless networks to new power over data cable systems of tomorrow, Tim has for a long time been respected as a trusted advisor in the development of new technologies.


Tim Oldershaw will be speaking at:

Power and Telecommunications Cabling – the Impact of CPR

2019/06/12 09:35 - 10:00

Panel Discussion – What’s the Fuss, its Only Another ‘G’!

2019/06/12 12:40 - 13:05

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