Future-Proof an Existing Multimode Fibre Cabling Infrastructure to Support Increasing Bandwidth Demand

15:15 - 15:40

Click here to download Kevin Lengle’s Presentation

Is transforming multimode fibers into single-mode fibers possible?

The presentation will go over existing techniques to upgrade multimode cabling infrastructure capacity. Firstly, physical limitations of multi-mode fibers (MMFs) will be addressed by explaining the modal dispersion effect and its consequences on transmission capacity.

Secondly, introducing several use cases from standard LAN layouts to POLAN with the ever-growing demand for higher bandwidth, it will be highlighted that the usual solutions to overcome legacy MMFs capacity limitations, e.g. mode conditioning patchcord or deploying new fibers and some others, are not always suitable or viable options for users and installers.

Finally, the focus will then be on the modal aspect of the light travelling in MMFs as the key to higher bandwidths. An innovative emerging technology will be introduced, then applied to the previous use cases and shown as a new tool to overcome modal dispersion and harness the full capacity of MMFs.


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