5G, IoT and the Edge… Enabling Industry 4.0

11:50 - 12:15

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What is Industry 4.0, why is it important, where we are with it, and how it is underpinned by 5g, IoT and the Edge (including a reality check and the shape of things to come)

Key Areas Addressed:

  1. We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  2. What is Industry 4.0 and why is it important
  3. Why is 5g, IoT and the Edge vital for I4.0 to work?
  4. Where are we at and what does the future look like?

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • The current disruptive technology landscape
  • The whys and wherefores and where we are at with Industry 4.0
  • The importance of 5g, IoT and cloud at the edge
  • What comes now and next?


  • David Terrar Executive Advisor - Bloor Research International Limited

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