Industry leaders have conducted 100 Gb/s over legacy multimode fibre demonstrations highlighting technologies that address high-speed communication for high bandwidth consuming applications


By simply connecting a 100 G-CWDM4 transceiver to the front end of Cailabs’ AROONA-STAR modal adapter via short duplex SMF patch cords, Cailabs, Anritsu and Panduit demonstrated the support of 100 Gb/s on 2 km of legacy OM2 multimode fibres. This demonstration which was conducted during OFC 2019 in San Diego showed how Cailabs’ light shaping technology makes it possible to extend the reach of legacy MMF for high bandwidths.

The presentation highlighted that Cailabs’ AROONA optical product range removes the bandwidth limitation of the multimode fibre. This technology enables the usage of the full capacity of deployed legacy multimode fibres to support the high-speed network requirements associated with datacentres, for 5G and next-generation applications