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Fire is one of the most significant causes of downtime in data center failures.

Frequent cabling changes complicate Firestop maintenance practices, increasing risk and compromising airflow integrity.

Key Areas addressed

  1. What is firestop and why it is especially important when designing cable runs in critical facilities?
  2. How firestop affects airflow and prevents the spread of contaminants
  3. What designers need to understand to protect assets and improve airflow performance when specifying Firestop solutions in mission critical facility

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Risk of fire in mission critical facilities & principles of fire protection strategies
  • Firestop in codes, regulations and test standards
  • Design strategies to reduce risks associated with frequent cabling moves, adds and changes
  • Firestop solutions for superior airflow control

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Lone will give an overview of the market for structured cabling both globally and for the UK. She will look at the most important developments in the market including megatrends such as the explosion of data, cloud computing, IoT as well as day to day factors affecting the market such as price erosion, mergers & acquisitions, CPR regulation, convergence and PoE. The presentation will also provide some estimates of the effect of convergence on the structured cabling market.

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How Passive Optical LANs are finding acceptance by a wider audience.

Key Areas Addressed:

  1. History of the Technology
  2. What makes it so attractive
  3. Capex and Opex savings
  4. The future

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Cost Justifications
  • Understanding the terms used in the technology